The Nike Air Max 98 Gundam OG Is Coming Back!!!

nike air max 98 gundam og

OMGGG!!! It’s finally happening!!! Nike has confirmed that the Nike Air Max 98 Gundam OG is finally making a return after 20 long years. It has been 20 years since the Air Max 98 was first introduced to the public, and now, to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary, this classic sneaker is hitting the shoe market once again. Who’s copping??? This colorway is a resemblance to the protagonist of the science fiction media franchise, Gundam, also known as The Gundam Series.

The Air Max 98 History

The Nike Air Max 98 was introduced back in 1998, created by Sergio Lozano, who also designed the Nike Air Max 95. It features the same full length air max technology that the Air Max 97 has. It uses a synthetic leather and mesh upper for weight reduction. The Air Max 98 also features an external lace overlay system, which is the two lace loops located at the forefoot. This provided an optimal fit. Since 1998, The Air Max 98 has not seen a retro release up until 2014, due to it poor demand upon it’s initial release. In 1998, everyone has shown weak interest in the sneaker, and it stayed on the shoe racks, also going on sale. Everyone was more interested in the Nike Air Max Plus, which also released that year, making everyone forget about the Air Max 98. It failed to overshadow the success of several Air Max sneakers released before the 98s (Air Max 1, Air Max 90, Air Max 180, Air Max 95, Air Max 97, etc.). The sneaker was originally retailed for $149.99.

Features Of The Shoe

This sneaker consist of a red, black, blue, and white colorway. It features the traditional Air Max cushioning in the midsole, which is red, and a rubber outsole, which is black. You will also notice Nike Swooshes all over the sneaker. Finally, this sneaker has 3m features located on the upper and heel tab.

Release Date

On January 18th, these will be available for purchase. The retail price will be $160.00. Hopefully, everyone will be more interested in these classic shoes this time. Are these on your wish list???

Nike Air Max 98 Gundam OG

January 18th, 2018


Additional Images

nike air max 98 gundam og


It has been 20 years since this colorway since a retro release. It wasn’t very popular back in 1998, but it seems like it will be a must have for most sneaker fans. Are you planning to cop these on the 18th or drop these on the 18th??? I would love to know your thoughts on these. Please feel free to leave your comments and questions below, and I will get back to you shortly. As always, stay tuned!!!

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Ahmad Ballard


  1. Wow! I never though we would see these shoes again. I always wanted a pair, but conditions always prevented me from getting them. You’ve done a good job on describing them, and I’ll be looking forward to checking them out.
    Thank You

    • Hello Jay, thanks for the comment. When I was young, I really couldn’t afford the most desirable Jordans and Nike sneakers. As I got older, and started working, I was able to purchase almost every sneaker that came out. But now, I am an owner of over 100 pair of shoes, and of course, I don’t need anymore, lls. But I am going to purchase these classics that I have always wanted. I never thought I would see them again either, since it was such an underrated sneaker. Please feel free to always check back with the Latest Sneakers for more updates!!!

  2. Man these are so dope!

    My all time favorite air maxes are the 97’s I had a baby blue pair back in 2010 I loved them.

    You plan on copping these??

    • Hello Mohamed, thanks for the comment. I am also a big fan of the Air Max 97s. I am a owner of three original pairs (Silver Bullet, Royal and Volt, and the Japan colorways which all have released last year in honor of the Air Max 97’s 20th year Anniversary). Yes, I do plan to cop these, since they are OG kicks and OG sneakers are the only shoes that I collect. I want these very badly, and is very excited that Nike are bringing them back out!!! Feel free to always check back with the Latest Sneakers for more sneaker news in the future!!!

    • Hello William, thanks again for another comment. These sneakers is a must have for most sneaker collectors. Feel free to check back with the Latest Sneakers for more blogs on upcoming kicks!!!

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