The Nike Air Max 93 Dusty Cactus Review- Who Remember These???

nike air max 93 dusty cactus

Name Of Sneaker: Nike Air Max 93 Dusty Cactus

Price Range: $199.99-$289.99

Best Place To Buy: Ebay.com

I have a question for the real sneaker heads. How many of you remember the Nike Air Max 93 Dusty Cactus??? Well, Nike has released these classics today in honor of the 2018 Air Max Day celebration. Are many one of you planning to cop a pair of these??? You can make a purchase today if planning to.

The Nike Air Max 93 History

The Nike Air Max 93 was first release in 1993, designed by Tinker Hatfield. It was originally called the Air Max 270, due to it having a 270-degree air unit. It features an entirely visible air unit that extended to the back of the heel, providing more air than ever before, unlike previous Air Max releases. It employed a top line bootie construction technique to improve comfort and fit. Did you know that the design of the  Nike Air Max 93  was inspired by plastic milk jugs??? Strange isn’t it??? The shape of the milk jugs led the design team to explore advancements in blow-molding technology, which have shaped Nike’s latest creation.

Features Of The Shoe

The mesh and neoprene upper of the shoe consists of a white overall, along with neoprene inner socks and black mudguards. You will finally notice touches of Turquoise located on the Nike Swooshes on the sides of the shoe, tongue and heels, insoles, outsoles and inside the 270 air max units.

Release Date

These classics from 93′ are available now. These are limited and won’t be around forever. So don’t BS if you are after these. GO AND COP A PAIR NOW!!!

Additional Images

nike air max 93 dusty cactus

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We haven’t seen this classic release since 2014. If you haven’t been able to cop them back then, then you are in luck this year. Are you copping these or passing on these??? What are your thoughts??? Leave your comments and questions below, and I help you out of course. Stay tuned, as the Latest Sneakers will keep you updated on the sneaker news!!!

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Ahmad Ballard


  1. I enjoyed your post. For me, its kind of an educational thing because sneakers were only worn on the Bball court years ago… and there were only really two kinds, both pretty plain canvas. I have told my grandkids about your site ’cause they are really into this. Good site!

    • Hello Jim, thanks for the comment. I am proud to hear that you have introduced your grandchildren to my website to keep up with the Latest Sneakers, much appreciated!!! Feel free to always check back with the latest sneakers for more blogs in the future.

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