The Nike Air Foamposite Pro Gold Review- A Must Cop!!!

nike air foamposite pro gold

Name Of Sneaker: Nike Air Foamposite Pro Gold

Price Range: $79.88-$426.00

Best Place To Purchase: Ebay.com

nike air foamposite pro gold

The Nike Air Foamposite Pro Gold Overview

If you are a huge fan of the trending sneakers, the Nike Foamposites, then the Nike Air Foamposite Pro Gold is a must have for you. In 2015, the Nike Air Foamposite One received the same gold treatment, and now this colorway is featured on the pro version of the foamposite. These outstanding sneakers released last week, and you can cop a pair now if you are interested in adding these to your sneaker closet.

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Features Of The Sneaker

The shoe features an overall of metallic gold on the foam shell upper, along with carbon fiber on the upper as well. It also features the traditional big Nike swoosh located on each side of the sneakers, along with touches of black located on the eyelets, tongue, lining, laces and outsole. Finally, you will notice the white Nike swooshes located on the bottom of each shoe.

Sneaker Release Date

These sneakers were released on October 19th, for a retail price of $230.00. They are still available, so if you plan to purchase these gorgeous kicks, go here to buy ASAP.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Gold

October 19th 2017


Additional Images

nike air foamposite pro gold

In Conclusion…

These glossy sneakers is something you don’t want to pass up. The features are awesome, and you can’t beat the price on these. Well, I hope you have enjoyed this review. What are your thoughts on these foams??? Please feel free to leave your questions and comments in the comment section. Stay tuned for all of your latest news on the latest sneakers!!!



Ahmad Ballard


  1. My son LOVES gold and black, those are his favorite colors, and he is due for a new set of shoes. I have one question, he has a pretty wide foot. Do you know if this particular shoe is wide, or if it comes in wide? Generally Nike does not have a wide shoe I don’t think, but I am hoping. My son would like a little bit more of a “cooler” looking shoe than the ones I have been buying him LOL.

    • Hello Matt’s Mom, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, most foamposites do not come in wide sizes. My best suggestion to you would be to find the nearest sneaker store near you and have him try them on. These sneakers would most definitely be loved by your son, they are extremely cool!!!

  2. That is a solid looking shoe! Nike just keeps coming out with over the top basketball shoe technology. Do you know who wears these in the NBA? I know people collect sports memorabilia, but are these collectors items? If you buy a pair of these and just hold on to them, is there any value in that? They look really comfortable, and Nike has done a good job of branding this as well.

    • Hello Steve, thanks for the comment. The Nike Foamposite is built for playing basketball, so you will discover that most NBA player will wear them indeed. If you are a serious sneaker collector, then it is essential that you have foamposites in your collection. Normally, if you purchase a pair of highly anticipated sneakers, and keep them in a deadstock condition (brand new, never wore) for years to come, you can set them up for auction for a high price. As time goes pass, the value of the shoe will definitely increase. I own a couple pair of foamposites, and they really comfortable indeed, and great to play basketball in, like I mentioned before.

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