The Air Jordan 5 Laney Varsity Royal – Michael Jordan’s Laney High School Inspiration

air jordan 5 laney varsity royal

(Updated 2/2/2019)

Name Of Sneaker: Air Jordan 5 Laney Varsity Royal

Best Place To Purchase: Ebay.com

Price Range: $179.99 – $275.00

Available Sizes: Grade School, Mens

Hey sneakerheads all around the world. Today, the Air Jordan 5 Laney Varsity Royal has dropped. This particular colorway takes inspiration from Emsley A. Laney High School, which Michael Jordan has attended. These were originally supposed to release on the 26th of January, but the date has been postponed. Are you intending to cop these hot sneakers??? If so, you can make a purchase now. 

Who Is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is a retired professional basketball player who has played for 15 seasons in NBA for the Chicago Bulls, and the Washington Wizards. During his time at the University of North Carolina in 1982, he played basketball for the North Carolina Tar Heels, and was drafted for the Chicago Bulls in 1984. He was able to entertain the crowd with his prolific scoring, defensive plays, and his ability to perform slam dunks from the free throw line at the slam dunk contests, which has earned him the nicknames: Air Jordan and His Airness.

He has won his first NBA Championship with the Bulls in 1991, and also winning again in 1992 and 1993 (three-peat). During the 1993-1994 NBA season, MJ has retired from basketball in order to pursue a minor career in baseball. In March 1995, MJ has announced his return to the NBA, and has led the Bulls to three additional championships during 1996-1998. In 1999, MJ retired from the NBA for the second time, but return again to play for the Washington Wizards during 2001-2003. Currently, MJ is the owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets.

MJ has numerous career highlights and awards:

  • 6 times NBA champion (1991-1993, 1996-1998)
  • 6 times NBA Finals MVP (1991-1993, 1996-1998)
  • 5 times NBA MVP (1988, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1998)
  • 14 times All-Star (1985-1993, 1996-1998, 2002, 2003)
  • 3 times NBA All-Star Game MVP (1988, 1996, 1998)
  • 10 times All-NBA First Team (1987-1993, 1996, 1998)
  • All-NBA Second Team (1985)
  • NBA Defensive Player Of The Year (1988)
  • 9 times NBA All-Defensive First Team (1988-1993, 1996-1998)
  • NBA Rookie Of The Year (1985)
  • NBA All-Rookie First Team (1985)
  • 10 times NBA Scoring Championship (1987-1993, 1996-1998)
  • 3 times NBA Steals Leaders (1988, 1990, 1993)
  • 2 times NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion (1987, 1988)
  • 3 times AP Athlete Of The Year (1991, 1992, 1993)
  • 2 times USA Basketball Male Athlete Of The Year (1983, 1984)
  • Sports Illustrated Sportsperson Of The Year (1991)
  • NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-time Team
  • NCAA Champion (1982)
  • Consensus National College Player Of The Year (1984)
  • ACC Player Of The Year (1984)
  • ACC Rookie Of The Year (1982)
  • 2 times Consensus First-Team All-American (1983, 1984)
  • 2 times First-Team All-ACC (1983, 1984)
  • No. 23 Retired by Chicago Bulls
  • N0. 23 Retired by Miami Heat
  • No. 23 Retired by the University Of North Carolina

History Of The Air Jordan Brand

In 1984, Nike was a struggling shoe company looking for ways to appeal to a new segment of the shoe market, and to reinvent themselves. Nike has turned to rookie Michael Jordan to order to make an endorsement deal, but MJ showed no interest at all. MJ had plans to sign a deal with either Adidas or Converse; he loved the brands, and in North Carolina, these were the shoes that wore to play basketball in. Unfortunately, both of the brands rejected him.

Nike was offering to create a brand new line of shoes called Air Jordan, and MJ’s old agent, David Falk, saw this as a wonderful opportunity. MJ flew to the Nike headquarters in Portland, Oregon, after being convinced by his parents , and his agent. During his visit, Nike has shown him a special video presentation of his college career highlights, plus his high-flying Olympics moves with Pointer Sister’s “Jump” playing in the background. Peter Moore, Nike’s Old Head Designer, also shown MJ sketches of the Air Jordan 1, and apparel to go with it. It was featured in Black and Red, and MJ was very interested with these designs. He has stated: “I can’t wear these shoes, those are devil colors”.

MJ has decided to finally make a deal with Nike, and has signed a 5-year deal that was worth $2.5 million. MJ has fueled the success of Nike, and the Air Jordan Brand is still popular today.

The Air Jordan 5 History

The Air Jordan 5 was originally released back in February 1990, created by yours truly, Tinker Hatfield. It was the first Jordan to ever have clear rubber soles. On the midsole near the icy soles, you will also notice the flames on each side of the shoes. In Tinker’s eyes, Michael Jordan’s performance was like a “Fighter Plane”, so the sneaker was designed to look like a Fighter Plane. The Jordan 5 is an inspiration of the “grey nurse shark” or the World War 2 British Fighter Plane; the Spitfire MkV3. 3m reflection was also added on the shoe tongues. The sneakers were originally retailed for $125.00.

Features Of The Shoe

This shoe features royal covering the nubuck upper. You will also notice hits of maize on the outsoles, midsoles, the 23 logo, lining, and the tongues. Additionally, the grey midsole is covered in speckles, the tongue has the traditional 3m features, and icy translucent outsoles.

Release Date

If you are looking forward to these, they are out now. Who’s planning to cop a pair??? GO AND COP A PAIR NOW!!

Additional Images 

air jordan 5 laney varsity royal

The Pros And Cons Of The Sneaker


  • Comfortable 
  • Stylish
  • Cool Colors
  • Runs True To Size
  • Good Ankle Support
  • Durable
  • Good Traction
  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Clean
  • Breathable


  • Creases Easily
  • Gets Dirty Fast
  • Does Not Break In Quickly

Video Of The Sneaker



This Laney High School inspired colorway of the iconic Air Jordan 5 is indeed a great touch. You will definitely want to squeeze your feet into these. Are these something you are considering??? What are you thought on these??? Have any questions??? Then leave them in the comment section below, and I will be happy to assist you. Make sure to like, share, and subscribe for more sneaker content. As always, stay tuned for more updates!!!

Thanks For Reading!!

Ahmad Ballard


  1. Hello, the topic seems very interesting to me I have never seen with sneakers and I think they are pretty cool I wish I could buy one if you suggest where anyway it is very close niche and I think you did it very well. Congratulations. And I forgot to say the video is very interesting and definitely the colours of the shoes are very cool.

    • Hello Viktoria, thanks for the comment. Feel free to always check out my website for more sneaker blogs!!

  2. I like the style reminds me of the 70’s kinda psychedelic man!

    I followed the buy link but it sent me to ebay – is this Legit? Wondering if this is all above board, how can it be sold through ebay when the sneakers aren’t even released now – how will they know that they will even have stock in?

    • Hello Bryan, thanks for the comment. Real sneaker sellers sell 100% authentic sneakers using Ebay. Most of the sellers have the sneakers in hand days before the actual release date, and starts to ship them out now if it isn’t a preorder. 

  3. Thank you for this great post, I find it really informative, everyone loves Jordan and I think him getting an endorsement with Nike is a big boost for their market sales, I like the air Jordan sneakers and I can’t wait to get one, Do you have any idea of the price?  

    • Hello Clement, thanks for the comment. The retail price for these is $190.00 in Mens, $150.00 in Grade School, $85.00 in Preschool, and $65.00 in Toddler. What size do you wear?

  4. Hi Ahmad, your article on Air Jordan 5 Laney Varsity Royal is great. I knew that in Michael Jordan is really a force to reckon with basketball game, but what I didnt know was that he won so many awards. The history of the Air Jordan brand is amazing. I wonder how Adidas and converse felt when that same person they rejected, became a household brand.Agreeing to deal with Nike, was a smart decision, all thanks to his parents and his agent.The sneaker looks great from the image of the video by the way.

    • Hello Gracen, thanks for the comment. I am glad I was able to educate you more on MJ’s success. I hope you continue to check out my site, I will be posting more blogs soon!

  5. You just made feel nolstagic, author.  The remarkable story of  Micheal Jordan blistering career. Thank you for bringing back this lovely memory of the greatest player of all time I remember how i cried and pretended to be sick just because I want my mum to get me the Air Jordan Sneakers when I was in the high school Thank you for reviving this wonderful love story of Nike and Micheal Jordan

    • Hello Kehinde, thanks for the comment. I was young trying to keep up with the Jordan Sneakers back in the 90s and early 2000s lls. Feel free to always check out my site for more upcoming sneaker news!

  6. I’ll bet Converse and Adidas are kicking themselves for not getting in on this when they had the chance and the advantage. Since he has begun producing these shoes under Nike, they have steadily become more popular among players and teenagers alike. 

    His career is almost like a fairytale and it’s kinda cool how he incorporated his past into these sneakers. The colors of his alma mater and the number 23 which is unique to him. I did not realize the work that went into creating a sneaker until I looked at your article. The details of why something is added is not only about function, but what makes the brand stand out.

    I might just have to get a pair of these. Thanks

    • Hey Mercedes, thanks for the comment. Still until this day, there is probably not a single person who doesn’t want to be like mike. Glad that you like the article, feel free to check out my site again for more blogs!

  7. Hi Ahmad! I really like these Air Jordan 5 Laney Varsity Royal! Wao, I have always liked the traditional 3m features!

    I didn’t know Jordan 5 went back to 1990. And I enjoyed discovering about the background of these shoes linked to the “grey nurse shark”

    I’ll be in expectation. February 2nd, 2019 is around the corner.

    • Hello Henry, thanks for the comment. These sneakers are definitely worth copping, and they will look good on your feet!

  8. Hello Ahmad,

    Really, could there be anyone who doesn’t know Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan brand??? I really doubt that.

    I love sneakers as I’m a Jeans person. From Nike to Adidas to Converse, sneakers are so totally my thing. The air Jordan is special because of the story and personality behind it. Who can forget the Jordan ‘air’ jump, sorry your post got me reminiscing.

    Thanks for sharing, totally enjoyed reading.

    • Hello Louis, thanks for the comment. Feel free to always check out my site, there are more sneaker articles coming soon!

  9. Those shoes look very nice! I love the colors. The Air Jordan Shoes are the type of gear that any man and boy would want to buy. I know for sure that some of my friends, brothers and relatives will buy those. Very interesting. Looking forward in seeing more of those posts! Thank you once again!

    • Hello Carmeta, thanks for the comment. Please check back, I will post more soon!!

  10. This is a brilliant post!

    I have always heard about Air Jordans but I have never really researched them before. I really like these shoes and they have a really cool look about them but what I really enjoyed was the story. I have quite a bit of knowledge about Michael Jordan and space Jam is one of my favorite movies (they even make reference to his short baseball career which you also mentioned).

    I like the fact that these two huge names (Nike and Jordan) were both down on their luck but they found each other and made one of the most popular products to ever be created which is still incredibly popular even today. I think that the fighter pilot theme is also very cool.

    How comfortable are these shoes? I know they are popular for a reason but on a scale from 1 to 10 how comfortable are they?

    Thanks for sharing this great information! 

    • Hello Renton, thanks for the comment. The sneakers are very comfortable, I would give them a 9 out of 10.

  11. HI, Ahmad!  Great post.  You really know your sneaks.  I think i had one pair of Air Jordans back in my younger days but my memory is pretty hazy.  I’m amazed at the footwear that professional athletes have now.  Pretty colorful and amazing.  I’m a NBA fan, Denver Nuggets since I live in Colorado, and sometimes the shoes worn are so awesome that even the announcers point them out.  The Air Jordan Laney High School shoes are no exception.  I really like the style and the color.

    • Hello Grant, thanks for the comment. Everyone has a variety of Jordan sneakers to choose from, and it’s a trend that is going nowhere no time soon. Feel free to always check out my site for more sneaker new! 

  12. I don’t even know that Michael Jordan was a huge part of Nike’s success story, that’s interesting to know. In addition, the sneakers looks very smart and the colour is awesome, very attractive. Does this come in other colours aside from blue? I would have preferred to have it in white and brown. This is weird, right? But those are my preferred colours.

    • Hello Autofreak, thanks for the comment. You can go on Ebay, and find many colorways of the Air Jordan 5s. There are some Bronze 5s available, go on Ebay and look for yourself. 

  13. Oh My God I have been looking for these ones for a very long time. I don’t know why I couldn’t find them at all but I’m so glad that I found your article because now you have the link to Ebay. I’m definitely going to order Air Jordan 5 Laney Varsity Royal. The price is expected and affordable for me.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    • Hello Sujander, thanks for the comment. I am glad I was able to help you out in making a purchasing decision. Thanks a lot!

  14. The color is a winner because is is my son’s high school colors, so right there, I know he’s going to love them.  The price is a littler higher than I was hoping to pay for them, but it is his 18th birthday, so kind of a landmark birthday and I could combine it for graduation too, since his birthday is close to his graduation.  I know he would love them, he loves Nike and he loves Michael Jordan, so win-win!  LOL!  Thanks for the great review and info!

    • Hello Babsie, thanks for the comment. Feel free to always check out my site for more sneaker news!!

  15. Say, I didn’t know Michael Jordan played based (albeit briefly).  

    Love product reviews like these.  I like to have a bit of history/background to the purchases I make so it was a pleasure reading through the professional growth of the man and the company.  

    Am wondering whether to take the video’s advice and go up half a size or buy one on my exact size …

    • Hello Cath, thanks for the comment. I would recommend buying your exact size since the Air Jordan 5s run true to size. I own a few pair of them, and they fit me perfectly. 

  16. This is a case of Brand meets Brand. Michael Jordan a brand name endorsing Nike another Brand creates a huge appetite for consumers and lovers  of the Nike product. especially the Air Jordan 5 Laney Varsity Royal

    Apparently, Air Jordan 5 Laney Varsity Royal is a very nice sneakers and of high grade quality from the description. I will love to place an order for it as soon as possible.

    Than your for sharing this.

    • Hello icb, thanks for the comment. Feel free to always check out my site for more upcoming sneaker news!

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