The Air Jordan 18 Toro Red Review- Are You Copping These???

air jordan 18 toro red

Name Of Sneaker: Air Jordan 18 Toro Red

Best Place To Purchase: Ebay.com

Price Range: $401.15-$520.00

We have last seen the return of the Air Jordan 18 Sport Royal back in January. Now, the Jordan Brand has released a new Air Jordan 18 in the classic Toro colorway: the Air Jordan 18 Toro Red. If you can remember, back in 2009, Jordan has release the Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull Pack. The pack has included two pairs of Air Jordan 5s in brand new colorways; one consist of an overall of black with red accents, and the other pair consists of toro red covering the majority of the shoe, which most people remembers. This new Air Jordan 18 is quite similar to the Air Jordan 5 toro. These sweet kicks are available now, so you can make a purchase today.

The Air Jordan 18 History

The Air Jordan 18 was originally released to the public back in 2003, designed by Tate Kuerbis. During Michael Jordan’s last NBA game with the Washington Wizards against the Philadelphia 76ers on April 16, 2003, he was wearing the Air Jordan 18 Sport Royal. The overall outlook of the 18 was inspired by the automobile world; MJ adores automobiles.  The rubber heel wrap on the sneaker is inspired from racing car driving shoes. The Carbon fiber-based monocoque is based off of F1 racing cars. It was also inspired by Italian dressing shoes. When the sneaker first released, it came with a special slide out shoe box, towel, brush, and an “Air Jordan 18 Driver’s Manual” pamphlet. The Air Jordan 18 was equipped with the latest sneaker technology at the time. It contains air vents, carbon comfort plate, hidden quick lace system, suede leather uppers, and zoom air soles. There are a few cons about the 18s; they collect a lot of dust, scuffs, and dirt marks since they are suede shoes. They would also make someone who’s playing basketball fall, due to the rubber soles on the sneakers because they collect dust also. The Air Jordan 5 had the same issue. In order to prevent this problem from happening, you would had in play in an indoor gym. The original retail price for the 18s was $175.00, the low versions were $150.00, and the 18.5 versions were $175.00.

Features Of The Shoe

This shoe features the classic toro red color scheme, with toro red covering the suede upper. You will also notice touches of black on the midsole, and the Jumpman logo located on the shroud cover on the upper of the sneaker. Finally, this shoe features icy translucent outsoles as well.

Release Date

Who’s copping this kicks??? If you plan to cop this, they have released today. GO AND COP A PAIR NOW!!!

Additional Images

air jordan 18 toro red

Video Of The Sneaker

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The toro colorway goes great with any Jordan sneaker. This Air Jordan 18 is definitely something that caught my eyes. How many of you planning to get these??? What are your thoughts on these?? Please feel free to leave your comments and questions below in the comment section, and I get back to you as soon as possible. Also, make sure to subscribe to my site for more sneaker blogs. As always, stay tuned, as The Latest Sneakers will keep you updated!!!

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Ahmad Ballard


  1. Wow, super cool looking shoes. I’m a little old for keeping with trends, but I still remember the early Air Jordans way back in the day. The cost though is wow!
    I suppose I am out of the loop on today’s prices, but I havent payed more than 110 bucks for a pair of shoes in my life. I guess i’m old.
    Nice professional looking website and article. Love the color scheme and layout.

    • Hello Paul, thanks for the comment. People these days will still purchase a pair of highly anticipated Jordans, despite the price range. Feel free to always check back with my site for more future content!!!

  2. I am not a huge sneaker fan, but MAN, those red Jordans got me thinking twice. Super cool looking sneakers, in my humble opinion…

    • Hello Spinney, thanks for the comment. These sneakers are very sweet indeed. The toro red on these really make them stand out!! Feel free to always check back with my site for more future updates!!!

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