The Air Jordan 13 GS Dark Raisin- Releasing The Day After Christmas

air jordan 13 gs dark raisin

Air Jordan is releasing yet another Grade School Jordan for the little feet sneaker heads. The Air Jordan 13 GS Dark Raisin is dropping after Christmas Day. If you are looking forward to doing a little bit of after Christmas shopping, then these cute sneakers would be something to consider, don’t you think???

The Air Jordan 13 History

The Air Jordan 13 was originally released way back in 1997. Tinker Hatfield has came up with yet another idea for a good design on the next Air Jordan. If you were a big Michael Jordan fan during the 90’s and watched how he played on the court, you would have notice the resemblance between him and a panther. He would watch his players and make a sudden move, and MJ would have the ball before you even knew what happened!!! Tinker has met up with MJ and told him that he looked like a panther, or black cat. He also stated: “he would read his player, and strike like a panther”. Did you know that back in the day that all of MJ’s friends called him “black cat” which was his nickname??? The unique sole featured on the 13 is a huge resemblance to a panther’s paw. The 13 also features the classic circle hologram located by the heel of the sneaker, which is said to resemble the eye of a panther. You can notice the 23 and Jumpman logo on the hologram if you look very closely. Unfortunately, the hologram would fogged up overtime. Back in 1997-1998, the Air Jordan 13 was originally retailed at $150.00, and the low versions were $130.00.

Features Of The Shoe

This sneaker features an overall of raisin purple. It also consist of a shiny leather upper, along with purple suede on the heel, mudguard, and midsole. Finally, it features the classic holographic eyes near the heels, white midsoles, and translucent outsoles.

Release Date

Look for these to drop on December 26th, 2017, for $190.00. These will be a perfect after Christmas gift for you and your family. Don’t miss out, these should instantly sell out!!!

Air Jordan 13 GS Dark Raisin

December 26th, 2017


Additional Images

air jordan 13 gs dark raisin


This is a pretty good looking sneaker overall. Do you plan to cop a pair or no??? What are your overall thoughts on these??? You can leave all questions and concerns in the comment section and I will answer all questions in a timely manner. Thanks and always check back for more news on The Latest Sneakers!!!

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Ahmad Ballard


  1. The Air Jordan’s are still popular. I am surprised. Nike has made a fortune on those. It appears that the price has come down some though compared with earlier years. If I was a basketball player, I would want a pair of these. But to wear as a fashion statement, I would decline. Kids may feel differently though.

    • Hello Tom, thanks for the comment. Today’s kids only wear Jordan’s for fashion and not for basketball. It is a style that is not going out of style for a long time. Feel free to always check back with the Latest Sneakers for more daily sneaker blogs.

  2. I have a son, who I am sure would love these, I am going to check in to the prices going down even more in January and February. My son was and still is a huge MJ fan, and has had many pairs of Air Jordan’s in the past. I will definitely keep the 13 in mind in a couple of months. Broke from Christmas right now.

    • Hello Bobbi, thanks for the comment. I can understand that most people’s pockets becomes on E due to the holidays. I will create a new blog that will have the purchase links very soon on where you can make a purchase on these. So whenever you are ready to purchase, you can purchase them through the link. Feel free to always check back with the latest sneakers for more future news on upcoming and current sneakers in style!!!

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