The Air Jordan 1 Retro Gold Toe Release Date


I have some great news for you sneaker heads out there!!! There is a brand new Air Jordan 1 releasing in a brand new colorway. The Air Jordan 1 Retro Gold Toe is dropping this week, and these are sneakers that grab the attention of most sneaker lovers.

The Air Jordan 1 History

The Air Jordan 1 was first introduced way back in 1984-1985, created by Peter Moore. Michael Jordan has become the Rookie Of The Year, and played in the All-Star game. It was the first basketball shoe wore in the NBA that featured multiple colors. MJ first disliked the sneaker, but started to grew on him overtime. During that time, the famous sneaker was banned by Commissioner of the NBA, David Stern. MJ wasn’t allowed to wear the shoes on the court, but MJ refused to play without them anyways. He was fined $2,000 for every time he worn the sneakers on the court. However, Nike has covered the fines, and also gave the Air Jordan 1 the “The Shoe Banned By The NBA” label. There were over 23 different color variations released, and the Air Jordan 1 also came with two sets of shoe laces that matched the colorway on the sneakers. The shoe was originally retailed at $65.00.

Features Of The Shoe

This shoe consist of a color scheme of black, white and metallic gold. It also has an upper that features a shiny patent leather, along with a white midsole, black outside, and gold toe boxes. Additionally, you will notice the Nike Air logos on the tongues, along with the Wings logos on the top sides of the shoes.

Release Date

Get ready, because these shiny vessels are set to drop February 16th, for a $160.00 retail price. Won’t you love to add these to your collection of Air Jordan sneakers???

Air Jordan 1 Retro Gold Toe

February 16th, 2018


Additional Images

air jordan 1 retro gold toe

Video Of The Sneaker


These sneaker are so so beautiful. I don’t think any one should say no to these gems. So what are your overall thoughts on these??? Please leave your comments and questions below, and I will answer to you all. As always, stay tuned for more upcoming sneaker news!!!

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Ahmad Ballard


  1. Fantastic! I know nothing about sneakers but I have some close family members who love them. I enjoyed the video. Thanks to this post now I can join or start the conversation. Thank you.

    • Hello Kundi, thanks for the comment. I’m pretty sure that your close family member would love to read up on this!!! Feel free to always check back with the Latest Sneakers for more blogs in the future.

  2. Excellent description and images for anyone to be able to make a good buying decision. I have a photo of my nephew wearing one of these back in the late 1980s. I must ask him if he still has those…lol. He’s still a Nike fan. I’ll mention your website to him. Thanks for the good write-up. The video is a nice touch. ~Jude

    • Hello Jude, thanks for the comment, and also for spreading the word about my site, I really appreciate it. Nike is a trend that will last forever. Feel free to always check back with the latest sneakers for more upcoming sneaker blogs.

  3. I’ve entered every available raffle that I could for these and have had some friends enter raffles for me, somewhere in there i’m hoping one of us hits and we don’t all suffer L’s. This shoe is really dope. I need these, the BC3’s and Bred Toe 1’s, i”l be cool if can get all 3.

    • Hello Orlando, thanks for the comment. Hopefully, you are able to cop a pair of these hot kicks. I used to wait in line for the hottest kicks to release, but I have started to go online and make a purchase to avoid the hassle. Feel free to always check back with the Latest Sneakers for more sneaker blogs!!!

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