The Air Jordan 1 Gatorade Orange Review- Cop or Drop???

air jordan 1 gatorade orange

Name Of Sneaker: Air Jordan 1 Gatorade Orange

Price Range: $129.99-$350.00

Best Place To Purchase: Ebay.com

Air Jordan continues to drop Gatorade-themed sneakers throughout the month of December. The Air Jordan 1 Gatorade Orange has dropped today, along with the Air Jordan 1 Gatorade Cool Blue. Did you cop the Air Jordan 6 Like Mike?? If so, why not cop these too. If you can recall, back in 1991, there were “Be Like Mike” commercials, featuring former basketball player Michael Jordan. These sneakers are an inspiration of the classic Gatorade commercials. If you are looking for these, you can make a purchase at this very moment.

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The Air Jordan 1 History

The Air Jordan 1 was first introduced way back in 1984-1985, created by Peter Moore. Michael Jordan has become the Rookie Of The Year, and played in the All-Star game. It was the first basketball shoe wore in the NBA that featured multiple colors. MJ first disliked the sneaker, but started to grew on him overtime. During that time, the famous sneaker was banned by Commissioner of the NBA, David Stern. MJ wasn’t allowed to wear the shoes on the court, but MJ refused to play without them anyways. He was fined $2,000 for every time he worn the sneakers on the court. However, Nike has covered the fines, and also gave the Air Jordan 1 the “The Shoe Banned By The NBA” label. There were over 23 different color variations released, and the Air Jordan 1 also came with two sets of shoe laces that matched the colorway on the sneakers. The shoe was originally retailed at $65.00.

Features Of The Shoe

Inspired by the orange Gatorade flavor, this shoe consist of an leather dressed in an overall of orange. You can also notice the Gatorade sign located by the heel, embossed branding on the tongue tags, Gatorade branding located in the insole, and on the transparent outsole. These sneakers will come in a special edition “Like Mike” box, along with a special orange hangtag, three sets of shoe laces, and a Gatorade x Jordan brand towel as well.

Release Date

These special edition sneakers have dropped today. Are these awesome sneakers on your wish list??? If so, GO HERE AND COP NOW!!!

Additional Images

air jordan 1 gatorade orange

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Do you love Gatorade?? Then you will love these. Are you planning to cop this special edition Jordans? What are your overall thoughts on these??? Do you have any comments and questions for me? Then go and leave them in the comment section and I will be more that happy to assist you. Be sure to check back with the Latest Sneakers for future updates!!!

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  1. I feel like I am getting an education in sneakers when I read your posts. I really enjoy them. You are giving me great ideas for presents from grandchildren.

    • Hello Jim, thanks again for the comment. Creating blogs and educating people about sneakers is what I love to do. I am glad that I am here to help. As always, feel free to always check back for future updates!!!

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