The Adidas NMD Racer x Juice Review- The Adidas Fans Would Love These!!!

adidas nmd racer x juice

Name Of Sneaker: Adidas NMD Racer x Juice

Price Range: $258.50-$532.00

Best Place To Buy: Ebay.com

Adidas has released another NMD model today. The Adidas NMD Racer x Juice is most definitely a sight for sore eyes, you won’t want to miss out on these!!! You can make a purchase today, if these are something you like very much.  The Adidas NMD R1 Primeknit STLT Solar Pink is also dropping this weekend, are you planning to cop them also along with these??? Juice, a streetwear boutique, which is located in Hong Kong, has collaborated with Adidas to create this Adidas NMD sneaker.

Features Of The Shoe

You will notice on the upper of the shoe that it consist of white and grey reflective patterns, which is Clot’s Alienegra camouflage print (Clot is a streetwear label and lifestyle brand that does collaborations with international brands such as Adidas, Nike, Disney, and Coke. JUICE has borrowed the Clot’s Alienegra pattern). It also features Alienegra font located on the heel tabs, reflective white and black rope laces, black midsole, and a marbled black and white translucent outsole, which will provide you with traction and support. Adidas Consortium logos are located on the tongue, and insoles, which also includes the JUICE logo as well.

Release Date

These have released on this very day, and are available now for grabs. Do you wish to have these in your possession??? Then GO AND COP A PAIR NOW!!!

Additional Images

adidas nmd racer x juice

==>Click Here To Purchase The Adidas NMD Racer x Juice<==


This JUICE x Adidas collaboration won’t be sitting on sock racks for a long time. Buy these bad boys immediately!!! What are your overall thoughts on these sneakers??? Leave your comments and questions below in the comment section, and I will help you out. Stay tuned as always for future sneaker news!!!

Thanks For Reading!!!

Ahmad Ballard


  1. Hi Ahmad,

    The older I get the more I need a really comfortable footwear for getting about it.

    Probably too old for these trainers but I don’t care I still wear such footware the whole time lol – thats probably why I am single (HAHA – LOL!)

    I love the pattern as well, however, what is the ‘stitch’ like? I ask because I use to buy Nike the whole time, and in a short period of time – I paid good money for these trainers at the time – I see stitches them coming lose!!

    Nothing more annoying than to see that after forking out a ton of cash for such trainers.

    Thank you for your article and now I am off to see if I can get a pair of these via your recommendation – you have saved me hunting all day online, thank you Ahmad 🙂 .



    • Hello Philip, thanks for the comment. According to my knowledge, the stitching on these sneakers is pretty good. Adidas.com has a return policy; they offer you a 45 dollar refund if you are dissatisfied with the product. I thought you should know that. Feel free to always check back with the Latest Sneakers for future updates on upcoming kicks!!!

  2. Such a great info your post. I’m a huge fan of NMD and Ultra Boost. I had no idea there a collaboration of juice and NMD. It a unique shoes and it looks pricey. This version of NMD totally different from the R1, XR1 and R2.

    • Hello Jaden, thanks again for another comment. The NMD version of the Adidas will run you a lot price, especially the Pharrell x Adidas NMD sneakers. But I love them, and will probably purchase a few pair someday. Feel free to always check back with the Latest Sneakers for all of your sneaker news!!!

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