Nike Air Foamposite Pro Island Green

nike air foamposite pro island green

We have some exciting news for you sneaker fans out there!!! The Nike Air Foamposite Pro Island Green will be releasing sometime in July. This shoe will feature an aqua-green overall, along with the nike swoosh on the side of each shoe, and the classic icy bottom sole. These are expected to release in July for $230.00. Once we receive additional information in regards to the sneaker, we will update y’all. Stay tuned!!!

Release Date

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Island Green

July 2017




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Ahmad Ballard


  1. Hello and thanks for sharing, one thing that I have noticed over the years and that I can say is that nikes have really gained a lot of popularity with its many feature designed sneakers. It what you are offering here is so cool. I am sure that your readers will love this and will also be seeking to buy a pair or two for themselves

    • Thank you so much for the comment Norman. I will continue to work hard until I make it.

  2. Excited to see your post. I like the colour and styling. Really look forward to the release. Would you be able to recommend best places to get them from? I also need to ask if there are any better discount deals around on previous versions of foamposite sneakers. Look forward to your reply.

    • Hello Fred. I want to thank you for taking the time out for checking out my sneaker website. Currently, I am still developing my website and taking the certification courses. Pretty soon, I will be joining a variety of Affiliate programs and I will give out some info on where you can purchase the latest sneakers for a reasonable price. Stay tuned and thanks again for your support as it is very appreciated.

  3. Your page is really dope !! I know a couple sneaker heads myself and this def is a place where they can come to see the latest kicks and their release date. I like that you have an authentic sneaker page. Some people would definitely want to know about the knockoffs. Good luck on your sneaker journey and keep it up.

    • Hello Dasia. Thank you so much for the comment. I will continue to work hard and provide my beloved sneakerheads with the latest updates. Stay tuned!!!

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