If You Are Looking For A Chicago Themed 14, Then The Air Jordan 14 Gym Red Is Your Best Bet – The Latest Sneaker Review

air jordan 14 gym red

Name Of Sneaker: Air Jordan 14 Gym Red

Best Place To Purchase: eBay.com

Price Range (At The Time Of This Review): $108.18-$439.98

Available Sizes: Toddler, Preschool, Grade School, Men

What’s going on everyone??? As we welcome July, we must be very excited to see the upcoming July releases. One of them has dropped today is this brand new sick colorway for the Air Jordan 14.

The Air Jordan 14 Gym Red is now available, and it’s been a while since we seen the 14s hit the scenery. We anticipate that this Chicago Bulls themed colorway is desired by most sneaker head and won’t probably sit around for too long. How many of you have a plan to get a hold of these, or already have???

You can make a purchase now if you haven’t.

Who Is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is a retired professional basketball player who has played for 15 seasons in NBA for the Chicago Bulls, and the Washington Wizards. During his time at the University of North Carolina in 1982, he played basketball for the North Carolina Tar Heels, and was drafted for the Chicago Bulls in 1984. He was able to entertain the crowd with his prolific scoring, defensive plays, and his ability to perform slam dunks from the free throw line at the slam dunk contests, which has earned him the nicknames: Air Jordan and His Airness.

He has won his first NBA Championship with the Bulls in 1991, and also winning again in 1992 and 1993 (three-peat). During the 1993-1994 NBA season, MJ has retired from basketball in order to pursue a minor career in baseball. In March 1995, MJ has announced his return to the NBA, and has led the Bulls to three additional championships during 1996-1998. In 1999, MJ retired from the NBA for the second time, but return again to play for the Washington Wizards during 2001-2003.

Currently, MJ is the owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets.

MJ has numerous career highlights and awards:

6 times NBA champion (1991-1993, 1996-1998)

6 times NBA Finals MVP (1991-1993, 1996-1998)

5 times NBA MVP (1988, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1998)

14 times All-Star (1985-1993, 1996-1998, 2002, 2003)

3 times NBA All-Star Game MVP (1988, 1996, 1998)

10 times All-NBA First Team (1987-1993, 1996, 1998)

All-NBA Second Team (1985)

NBA Defensive Player Of The Year (1988)

9 times NBA All-Defensive First Team (1988-1993, 1996-1998)

NBA Rookie Of The Year (1985)

NBA All-Rookie First Team (1985)

10 times NBA Scoring Championship (1987-1993, 1996-1998)

3 times NBA Steals Leaders (1988, 1990, 1993)

2 times NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion (1987, 1988)

3 times AP Athlete Of The Year (1991, 1992, 1993)

2 times USA Basketball Male Athlete Of The Year (1983, 1984)

Sports Illustrated Sportsperson Of The Year (1991)

NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-time Team

NCAA Champion (1982)

Consensus National College Player Of The Year (1984)

ACC Player Of The Year (1984)

ACC Rookie Of The Year (1982)

2 times Consensus First-Team All-American (1983, 1984)

2 times First-Team All-ACC (1983, 1984)

No. 23 Retired by Chicago Bulls

N0. 23 Retired by Miami Heat

No. 23 Retired by the University Of North Carolina

History Of The Air Jordan Brand

In 1984, Nike was a struggling shoe company looking for ways to appeal to a new segment of the shoe market, and to reinvent themselves. Nike has turned to rookie Michael Jordan to order to make an endorsement deal, but MJ showed no interest at all. MJ had plans to sign a deal with either Adidas or Converse; he loved the brands, and in North Carolina, these were the shoes that wore to play basketball in. Unfortunately, both of the brands rejected him.

Nike was offering to create a brand new line of shoes called Air Jordan, and MJ’s old agent, David Falk, saw this as a wonderful opportunity. MJ flew to the Nike headquarters in Portland, Oregon, after being convinced by his parents, and his agent. During his visit, Nike has shown him a special video presentation of his college career highlights, plus his high-flying Olympics moves with Pointer Sister’s “Jump” playing in the background. Peter Moore, Nike’s Old Head Designer, also shown MJ sketches of the Air Jordan 1, and apparel to go with it. It was featured in Black and Red, and MJ was very interested with these designs. He has stated: “I can’t wear these shoes, those are devil colors”.

MJ has decided to finally make a deal with Nike, and has signed a 5-year deal that was worth $2.5 million. MJ has fueled the success of Nike, and the Air Jordan Brand is still popular today.

The Air Jordan 14 History

The Air Jordan 14 was first introduced in 1998-1999, designed by Tinker Hatfield. This was the last signature Jordan sneaker that Michael Jordan has worn before his second retirement from the NBA. Did you know that the Air Jordan 14 was inspired by MJ old car, the Ferrari F355 F1? Tinker wanted the Jordan 14s to be fast, with razor-like sharpness, just like Ferrari.

The Air Jordan 14 was the first Jordan sneaker to feature sliver shoe lace tips, which had Jumpman logos on them. On each sneaker, there are a totals of seven jumpman logos on them, which adds up to 14 (fun fact, isn’t it). This sneaker features low profile zoom air units, which help cool off your sweaty feet while playing basketball in them. These units are located at the forefoot, and heel of the shoe. It also features aerodynamic side panels, which braces the foot for stability. The Air Jordan 14 has a few minors unfortunately. The Phylon Mid Sole would crease very quickly. Also, over time, the toe box area of the sneaker would come unglued.

Back in 1998-1999, The Air Jordan 14 was originally retailed at $150.00, while the low versions were $130.00.

Features Of The Shoe

The sneaker is dressed in a Chicago Bulls theme throughout. The suede/nu buck upper is dressed in gym red. Finally, black and white dominate the toe box, tongue, heel areas, inner lining, mid sole, out sole, and the Jordan Branding.

Release Date

These were originally released overseas on June 23rd. These have now released to the public today in the US, and are available for everyone. GO AND COP A PAIR NOW!

Additional Images

Video Of The Sneaker



Any Jordan sneaker that is Chicago-themed is a must for any hardcore sneaker fan if you ask me. This is definitely worth copping just to add to your collection. How are you feeling this new release???

Leave your comments and questions below in the comment section, and I will answer any questions that you have. Also, subscribe to my site for more weekly content. Stay tuned, as more updates will be posted soon!

Thanks For Reading!!!

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  1. Nice!

    I like the shoe and would like to have one, but not for that price. Even for Jordan. He has always been my favorite player that has played the game. Nice history lesson on who he is. I, myself learned a couple of things from this post. Great job! The post is nicely laid out and filled with great information. You really did your homework on this one. I take it, you are a fan? Why is it that the shoes almost always come out first over seas? Are they bigger spender’s then we are?

    • Hello James, thanks for the comment. I don’t really know the reason why, but most times these sneakers release early just so sneaker heads can drop them early. But I would recommend waiting for an US release just to ensure that you are not purchasing non-authentic sneakers. 

  2. First off, love the sleek design and the color, as red is my favorite color! What’s more, they look very comfy to wear.

    Besides, eBay, are there any other places online where I can buy the Air Jordan 14 Gym red for an affordable price?

    I think that the Air Jordan 14 Gym Red is undoubtedly the Ferrari of sneakers, no contest!

    • Hello 👋, thanks for the comment. Feel free to always check out my site for more sneaker content! 

  3. Damm these are so sick, love MJ and the bulls red looks soo fresh, reckon I definitely got to cop a pair now. Been loving these reviews bro, always letting me know when BANGERS like these are coming out, can’t wait for your reviews on all the other July drops. 

    • Hello 👋, thanks for the comment. Feel free to always check out my site for more sneaker content! 

  4. Thank you so much for sharing with us a beautiful and informative article. The main content of this article is  The Latest Sneaker Review. It is truly remarkable that you have presented this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of knowledge about Michael Jordan’s history. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Features Of The Shoe.The new Air Jordan sneakers are very popular with me like everyone else because I purchased and used them a few days ago.It is very comfortable to use.So I would say for those who haven’t bought this sneaker yet, do it now before the novelty ends.
    Finally, I would like to read your article and I would like to share the subject of your article on my Facebook so that my friends can buy this latest air Jordan sneaker.

    • Hello 👋, thanks for the comment. Feel free to always check out my site for more sneaker content! 

  5. Oh, that’s the kind of sole I like in a rubber shoe! Not too narrow, not to broad, just exactly fitted for my foot. And when the sole is perfectly fitted for a foot like mine, it won’t hurt, it won’t force my foot to adapt. Besides, I have proven many times that Air Jordan shoes are gentle to the sides of our feet, maybe because of the high-quality materials being used in their manufacturing. 

    I already have the other models, this model is the one lacking in my collection. So, perhaps, before this month ends, I’ll have you (Air Jordan Chicago Themed 14) in my closet.

    By the way, is there a chance the price will go down as the pandemic has pulled down everything under the sun including prices of things sold online?

    • Hello Gomer, thanks for the comment. The prices will go down if the product doesn’t sell like that. 

  6. Thanks for your detailed review of The air Jordans. I would like a pair of them for myself, but I think that I may have to hold off for some time. I’m sure that it is because it is Michael Jordan’s name on them, but they look like they will definitely stand up to anything you are ready to throw at them. I found it interesting on the background behind them becoming what they are today.

    • Hello 👋, thanks for the comment. Feel free to always check out my site for more sneaker content! 

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