Air Jordan 1 High Crimson Tint – Another Hit Colorway For The Classic

air jordan 1 high crimson tint

(Updated 4/12/2019)

Name Of Sneaker: Air Jordan 1 High Crimson

Best Place To Purchase: Ebay.com

Price Range (At The Time Of This Review): $188.30 – $448.88

Available Sizes: Grade School, Men

Hey what’s going my sneaker geeks! Once again, Jordan has dropped a new cool colorway for the classic iconic Air Jordan 1. How are you feeling the Air Jordan 1 High Crimson Tint? These are now available, and would be a perfect sneaker to rock for Easter Sunday. You can make a purchase now if you are interested.

Who Is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is a retired professional basketball player who has played for 15 seasons in NBA for the Chicago Bulls, and the Washington Wizards. During his time at the University of North Carolina in 1982, he played basketball for the North Carolina Tar Heels, and was drafted for the Chicago Bulls in 1984. He was able to entertain the crowd with his prolific scoring, defensive plays, and his ability to perform slam dunks from the free throw line at the slam dunk contests, which has earned him the nicknames: Air Jordan and His Airness.

He has won his first NBA Championship with the Bulls in 1991, and also winning again in 1992 and 1993 (three-peat). During the 1993-1994 NBA season, MJ has retired from basketball in order to pursue a minor career in baseball. In March 1995, MJ has announced his return to the NBA, and has led the Bulls to three additional championships during 1996-1998. In 1999, MJ retired from the NBA for the second time, but return again to play for the Washington Wizards during 2001-2003. Currently, MJ is the owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets.

MJ has numerous career highlights and awards:

  • 6 times NBA champion (1991-1993, 1996-1998)
  • 6 times NBA Finals MVP (1991-1993, 1996-1998)
  • 5 times NBA MVP (1988, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1998)
  • 14 times All-Star (1985-1993, 1996-1998, 2002, 2003)
  • 3 times NBA All-Star Game MVP (1988, 1996, 1998)
  • 10 times All-NBA First Team (1987-1993, 1996, 1998)
  • All-NBA Second Team (1985)
  • NBA Defensive Player Of The Year (1988)
  • 9 times NBA All-Defensive First Team (1988-1993, 1996-1998)
  • NBA Rookie Of The Year (1985)
  • NBA All-Rookie First Team (1985)
  • 10 times NBA Scoring Championship (1987-1993, 1996-1998)
  • 3 times NBA Steals Leaders (1988, 1990, 1993)
  • 2 times NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion (1987, 1988)
  • 3 times AP Athlete Of The Year (1991, 1992, 1993)
  • 2 times USA Basketball Male Athlete Of The Year (1983, 1984)
  • Sports Illustrated Sportsperson Of The Year (1991)
  • NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-time Team
  • NCAA Champion (1982)
  • Consensus National College Player Of The Year (1984)
  • ACC Player Of The Year (1984)
  • ACC Rookie Of The Year (1982)
  • 2 times Consensus First-Team All-American (1983, 1984)
  • 2 times First-Team All-ACC (1983, 1984)
  • No. 23 Retired by Chicago Bulls
  • N0. 23 Retired by Miami Heat
  • No. 23 Retired by the University Of North Carolina

History Of The Air Jordan Brand

In 1984, Nike was a struggling shoe company looking for ways to appeal to a new segment of the shoe market, and to reinvent themselves. Nike has turned to rookie Michael Jordan to order to make an endorsement deal, but MJ showed no interest at all. MJ had plans to sign a deal with either Adidas or Converse; he loved the brands, and in North Carolina, these were the shoes that wore to play basketball in. Unfortunately, both of the brands rejected him.

Nike was offering to create a brand new line of shoes called Air Jordan, and MJ’s old agent, David Falk, saw this as a wonderful opportunity. MJ flew to the Nike headquarters in Portland, Oregon, after being convinced by his parents , and his agent. During his visit, Nike has shown him a special video presentation of his college career highlights, plus his high-flying Olympics moves with Pointer Sister’s “Jump” playing in the background. Peter Moore, Nike’s Old Head Designer, also shown MJ sketches of the Air Jordan 1, and apparel to go with it. It was featured in Black and Red, and MJ was very interested with these designs. He has stated: “I can’t wear these shoes, those are devil colors”.

MJ has decided to finally make a deal with Nike, and has signed a 5-year deal that was worth $2.5 million. MJ has fueled the success of Nike, and the Air Jordan Brand is still popular today.

The Air Jordan 1 History

The Air Jordan 1 was first introduced way back in 1984-1985, created by Peter Moore. Michael Jordan has become the Rookie Of The Year, and played in the All-Star game. It was the first basketball shoe wore in the NBA that featured multiple colors. MJ first disliked the sneaker, but started to grew on him overtime.

During that time, the famous sneaker was banned by Commissioner of the NBA, David Stern, since the sneakers didn’t follow the standard uniform policy and the sneaker had to be 50% white. MJ wasn’t allowed to wear the shoes on the court, but MJ refused to play without them anyways. He was fined $2,000 for every time he worn the sneakers on the court. However, Nike has covered the fines, and also gave the Air Jordan 1 the “The Shoe Banned By The NBA” label.

There were over 23 different color variations released, and the Air Jordan 1 also came with two sets of shoe laces that matched the colorway on the sneakers. The shoe was originally retailed at $65.00.

Features Of The Shoe

This sneaker consist of a black, white, crimson  tint, and hyper pink color scheme. Pink and black cover the leather upper, while the sneaker also features a white midsole along with a pink rubber outsole. Finally, it comes with the traditional wings logo on the side of shoe and Nike Air Branding on the tongues.

Release Date

These sneakers have just release today. They are available in two Men and GS. GO AND COP A PAIR NOW!!!

Additional Images

air jordan 1 high crimson tint

Pros And Cons


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Good Traction
  • Lightweight
  • Good Ankle Support
  • Breathable
  • Breaks In Easy
  • Stays Clean For A Long Time
  • Easy To Clean
  • Cool Colors
  • Runs True To Size
  • Stylish


  • Runs Narrow
  • Creases Easily

Video Of The Sneaker



Easter is approaching fast, and you can’t go wrong with these. Is this next on your sneaker list?? What are your thoughts on these??? If you have any questions or comment, leave them below and I will get back to you. Make sure to also like, share, and subscribe to my site for more sneaker content. As always, stay tuned for more sneaker news at The Latest Sneakers!!

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  1. This sounds so exciting and adventurous. I feel tickled by the theme. What an amazingly talented writer you are!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information, I have always been a fan of air jordan products because of its durability and price. I will love to get this for my husband on his forth coming birthday. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hello Tracy, thanks for the comment. Feel free to always check out my site for more updates!

  2. Thanks for sharing this article it is very interest, I have never knew that much about Michael Jordan, but I found this article very helpful on it. Thanks for the info on the shoe. I am looking to get a new pair of sneakers and your article just helped me out. Thanks for sharing this great article here. I really appreciate you.

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    The best part about the Air Jordan 1 High Crimson Tint is that it’s not that expensive compared to other Air Jordan shoes and it’s really comfy!

    Some of my friends are crazy Sneaker Fans! Is it okay if I share some of your posts to them on Social Media?

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  4. Hi Ahmad,

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  5. Thanks for writing this review on air Jordan 1 high crimson tint. Looking at the design of this shoe, I really like it even though it is my first time of seeing it. I really believe in the Nike that produce this shoe because over the year I have been using there product with no complain what so ever. I’m sure that the Air Jordan 1 high crimson tint is going to be the perfect shoe to wear on a date with love ones this Easter period.

    • Hello Afolabi, thanks for the comment. Feel free to always check out my website for daily sneaker blogs!

  6. These Air Jordan sneakers look so cool, I love the mix of colors. I always wear being and try to find some shoes that would match my outfits, these look like the right ones – and they also have some black, which makes my job even easier. But are these designed for men? That’s how they look to me… Are they going to release a women version any soon – or they already did? I’m seriously interested. 

    • Hello Ashley, thanks for the comment. These will not only release in Men’s sizes, but Grade School sizes as well. What size do you wear?

  7. Thank you for sharing this article, it’s very interested. I’m always like Michael Jordan style and when I see this sneaker. I’m really impressed, it’s very beautiful and I like the color of the sneakers and the quality of it. I have really enjoyed reading this article. Thank you for sharing for us.

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    Yeah, Easter is approaching fast and people like us that have time sucking careers which results in extremely busy lives are making a dash for anything super nice that can serve as a great Easter gift for our little brothers and nephews. So, I thank you for this article on Air Jordan 1 High Crimson Tint – Another Hit Colorway For The Classic. I just found my perfect Easter gift.

    Just before I relegate these kicks to be just male kicks, can they be worn by females too? 

    • Hello Peace, thanks for the comment. These will be also available in GS sizing as well. What size do you wear?

  9. Now THAT brings back some memories! Talk about ‘a blast from the past’! I remember when these first came out….apparently they have not lost their popularity over the years!  Anyways, just wanted to mention that this article was written very well and you provided some excellent photos of those shoes! And i really appreciated the re-cap you included of Michael Jordans career milestones and accomplishments. Man, i cant believe so much time has gone by….   Once again, great article. Thank you!

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  10. Wow, nice shoes, easter is quite approaching like wise the summer break holiday. I think i like this Jordan, my kids are gonna like it too, can’t wait to have it join my collections. Thanks for adding value to my easter and summer break holiday. At least to keep the memory of the great basket baller Michael Jordan.

    • Hello Destiny, thanks for the comment. Feel free to always check out my site for more sneaker blogs!

  11. Hello,

    Even if I am no expert in Basketball, I know who Michael Jordan is and I have heard about his collaboration with Nike. But after reading this article, I learned so much about the story behind these shoes. And I didn’t know about all Jordan’s accomplishments. Now I finally understand why he is so famous.

    Very interesting article. 



    • Hello Mariana, thanks for the comment. Feel free to always check out my site for more sneaker content!

  12. Wow I was not aware that back in the days there was a dress code for a basketball player. Wow! What a strategy for Nike to do something different. This one the Air Jordan logo looks a bit different, usually it’s MJ himself in the middle of the wing. This is so cool let me spread this to all my sneaker friends. The price isn’t that bad at all. Thanks for the review and the history of Air Jordan 🙂

    PS. The Air Jordan is coming out on my birthday lol how awesome is that?

    • Hello Nuttanee, thanks for the comment. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope you are enjoying it. These would be a great birthday gift for you. 

  13. This looks great. My health remains my biggest asset, and I don’t play with keeping fit and doing things that make me stay healthy, which includes exercises. I have always followed the Nike Air Jordan brand and I can say they have the best sneakers around.  The Air Jordan 1 High Crimson sneaker looks great going by your description and definitely would offer good value for money. I look forward to having one!

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  14. My favorite brand for all my sportsware is Nike and I am always interested in their products. I know of Michael Jordan because this inspirational quote by him – ” I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying…… Michael Jordan ” – is one of my favorites.

    I loved the history of the Air Jordan Brand which you have detailed.  I found it interesting to find that Nike has turned to rookie Michael Jordan to order to make an endorsement deal, but MJ showed no interest at all. When Adidas and Converse rejected him, he finally signed with Nike.

    I must show my son your article, as he is actually looking for a pair of trainers.


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  16. This is really an impressive article on the Air Jordan 1 High crimson Tint. I am a user of Jordan sneakers and I think I will like to add these to my sneaker collection as well. No doubt this sneaker is gonna go well with my new black jeans. You have provided me with a important information which caught my interest in making an order for this Air Jordan 1 high Crimson tint.

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  20. Wonderful! Thanks so much for this excellent display. You have reminded me of the old Legend Michael Jordan. It will be of great pleasure to be part of this. Michael Jordan is an old legend of basketball in the sports industry. This kind of shoe, will be very good for me in my field work. I will also need some for my children that is both male and females. The shoe does not pain. I will also recommend it for my friends. This shoe is a solution to my walking. I am very glad for this product. Best wishes!

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  21. I do hear of Michael Jordan and I never knew the story behind this shoe. I always do see it but have never for once had the time to surf the net about it. My husband birthday is coming up in few weeks time and have been thinking of the best gift to give him,I know he is a lover of Nike products. I feel your posts has said it all as am going to be getting him this shoe. He is a Baller so I know this will look perfect on him. I already bookmark your page so I can get more beautiful posts from you. Once again thanks for opening my eyes on what to get for my husband. Beautiful post!!

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  22. Hi! I commend you for this detailed review. And it’s my first time to know the history of Air Jordan as well as Michael Jordan being rejected by two popular brands of rubber shoes (“Unfortunately, both of the brands rejected him.”). Anyways, I’m actually eyeing an Air Jordan for my son. I think this fits him well. Thank you for the helpful information. Wishing you the best!

    • Hello Smarthomekitchen, thanks for the comment. Feel free to always check out my site for more sneaker news!

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    • Hello Ro, thanks for the comment. Depending on the sales and quantity of the shoes, the value would usually increase if they are in high demand. Otherwise, the value can decrease.  

  24. This are sneakers that have a history and the brand has come to stay. For those of us who love them, the durability, comfort and easy to clean nature are really very desirable, Just that one is used to the shape and craves for more. I would want to ask if there are plans to change the shape in the nearest future.

    • Hello Idara, thanks for the comment. I don’t believe that they will change the shape. They usually just re-release the sneaker in different color variations. 

  25. Those are some good looking shoes. My husband would love them! I had no Idea about the history of MJ. That was really fun to learn about how the air Jordans came about. I bet Adidas and Converse are kicking themselves now! isn’t it crazy how effective marketing is? Nike paying $2000 fine every time he played knowing that it would be worth it. 

    Such a fun post! I may have to get some for my husband and son. 

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  26. I like these shoes! Only in another color for me, honestly. Now, I’ve always been a fan of these kind of sneakers, since they look good on me. It is also said it is better for your back, but I don’t know about that. I have one question, do they ship to Belgium of not? Else it is a bit sad for me! 

    • Hello Emmanuel, thanks for the comment. Yes, they do ship internationally. Just select international shipping when checking out. 

  27. I’m so excited to come across this interesting fashion review of Air Jordan 1 High Crimson Tint. Most especially, I love its black, white and hydro pink colour combinations. It looks really durable and highly compatible. I have always loved Air Jordan sneakers but this one is extremely extraordinarily gorgeous. Its pros are just awesome. A must buy. I’m making a purchase as fast as I can. Thanks for this review.

    • Hello Chidi, thanks for the comment. Feel free to always check out my site for more sneaker blogs!

  28. I read your article than I know that, you discussed about Air Jordan 1 High Crimson Tint and Another Hit Colorway For The Classic. I don’t know that much about Michael Jordan, but now I found this article very helpful info. It was featured in Black and Red, and MJ was very interested with these designs. Thank you for sharing the info on the shoe.

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