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About AhmadHello, my name is Ahmad Sharif Ballard, and I am the proud owner of The Latest Sneakers.

Where I’m From

I was born and raised around the rough neighborhood known as Clifton Terrace located in the NW quadrant of Washington, DC. My mother has 4 kids, and my father has 13. I am the middle child of 17 kids.

My mother, Michelle Ballard, has raised me to be the man I am today while struggling to deal with poverty and welfare. Because of her, I am very independent and reliable.

Education Experience

I have attended Eugene Meyer Elementary School for a year before moving to a new neighborhood in the city. I have transferred to Alice and Ernestine Shaed Elementary School and graduated in 2002.

After the completion of elementary school, I have graduated from Bertie Backus Middle School (now known as CCDC community college) in 2004. Afterwards, I attended Paul Laurence Dunbar Senior High School and graduated in 2008. While in high school, I have researched some colleges that best fits me (UDC, Temple University, Howard University, Texas Southern University, University of Maryland, and Southeastern University).

I have decided to attend Southeastern, since it had quadmesters (four semesters within a year; fall, winter, spring, and summer. with quadmesters, you are able to complete classes faster and graduate sooner than you think), and it had a business management major. Unfortunately, due to Southeastern losing its accreditation, the school was shut down and closed permanently.

I have decided to take a break from school and attend UDC the following year. While attending UDC, I have decided to change my major from Business Management to Art. While going to school, I also had to work full time to support my household and keep the rent paid. It was extremely difficult to stay on top of both school and work, so I decided I had to drop out of school for a while and continue to support my family. I look forward to continuing school in the near future.


I like to go swimming, exercising, biking, making comedy videos, shopping, collecting diecast model cars, traveling to new places, going out on dates, going out to parties, smoking the hookah, bowling, go-kart racing, going to amusement parks, playing football, playing basketball, playing classic video games, taking long walks, walking my dog, listening to music, ice skating, roller skating, running track, watching tv, playing ping-pong, playing foosball soccer, creating RageOn! T-shirts, drawing, making comics, going to the spa, using social media (such as facebook and Instagram), cooking, and soon I will be getting into boxing and karate.

My Relationship With The Shoe Game

I have been a sneaker collector since 2007. When I was younger, I couldn’t afford all the latest sneakers like everyone else could. I was blessed that my mother was able to afford a pair of Jordans that I needed to wear to school everyday. During my last years of high school, I got me a summer job and a regular job. I was copping a pair of sneakers every week like it was nothing (I had all the foamposites, the jordans, the Adidas, you name it!!! lol).

Every time one of my friends saw me, the first thing they always did was look down (lls). I was even going to the nearest Sports Zone or Down Town Locker Room to wait in line to secure my new pair of Jordans (since 5am in the morning!!!). But unfortunately, a couple of times, I was unable to get my hands on a pair of the new jays. There are also times when customers were about to brawl over the sneakers since the line was too long and the store only had a limited pair of shoes.

After awhile, I have grown tired of waiting in them ridiculous lines just to purchase some shoes I probably will or will not have. I have decided from now on I will get all of my kicks online off of 100% authentic websites (ebay, flightclub, sneakerhead, etc.). This way I am 100% guaranteed a pair of the latest kicks regardless of paying a price that’s over retail.

Why I Have Chosen “the latest sneakers” Niche

I have always loved sneakers and always will. I stay current with when highly anticipated sneakers are supposed to be releasing and where you can preorder them or where to cop them early. I can also direct you to websites where they sell 100% authentic sneakers and what fake sneaker selling websites you need to avoid at all times. I have knowledge about the history of sneakers and continue to educate myself on sneaker history everyday.

My Conclusion…

Well, that’s my story. I would like to take this time out to thank you for stopping by and showing your support. If you have any questions in regards with any type of sneaker information, do not be hesitant as I will be more than happy to assist you.



Ahmad Sharif Ballard

Founder of The Latest Sneakers


  1. I love this site. The posts, the pics, everything is good and very complete. the articles and the links work just great. Congratulations, keep it up!

    • Hello Fernando, thanks for the comment. Your comment has motivated me to keep working hard and to never give up!!! I WILL KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  2. Hi Ahmad,
    Firstly I wish you all the best on your future endeavor in the education arena.
    Formal education is useful but the practical aspect of education is more worth in the real life.
    Have a great future

    • Hello Leif, thank for the comment. I try to learn something every day about the sneaker niche that I am working in. The more research I do, the better to can educate my audience about the Latest Sneakers. Continue to check out my website for future blogs on shoes!!!

  3. I love your story and I’m glad you are turning your passion into your business. Keep up the good work and keep working. Don’t get up when things get hard, your dedication will take you far. Just keep your eyes on the prize!

  4. Hi Ahmed, It was great reading you bio and you have done such a great job of writing this post. I really enjoyed reading it and commend you on your enthusiasm and how well you put everything across. Wishing you all the best. Can’t wait now to read about the sneakers..

    • Hello Jill, thanks you so much for the comment. I plan to work very hard towards bettering myself, and reaching my future goals in life. Thanks for the success wish, and I also wish you nothing but success!!!

  5. Hi Ahmad, Great site. I knew a little about sneakers until just now. Obviously, it is a passion of yours, and this is a really fun site. I’m going read some more. Thanks!!!

  6. Ahmad, you and your site are inspiring.
    Your story makes me appreciate how many young talented people there are like yourself who deserve recognition, honor and respect. You are a true example of success in my opinion. Thanks for sharing.

  7. How interesting it is to be able to find websites that reflect so much passion and authenticity. Interesting website even for those who are not fans of tennis or footwear in general.
    But it really motivates because you have the data and recommendation of someone who has taken the time to instruct you.

    Thank you very much, Ahmad.
    Very good website.

  8. Hello Ahmad,
    You did a wonderful job listing all the links for authentic sneakers, bio was very inspirational and informational I like your monthly newsletter.

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