The Nike Air More Uptempo Hoyas Releasing This Week!!!

nike air more uptempo hoyas

We have recently seen the release of the Nike More Uptempo Pinstripe a few weeks back. Now, Nike is dropping yet another new colorway of the sneaker this week; the Nike Air More Uptempo Hoyas. Sporting the Georgetown University colorway, this is one that the sneaker fans will love. Are you looking forward to these, or will you pass???

What Is Nike???

Nike is a multinational corporation that is the world largest supplier of athlete shoes and major manufacturer of sports equipment. It was founded in 1964, by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. The company was first known as Blue Ribbon Sports, but the name was changed to Nike Inc. in 1971.In Mythology, Nike is the name of the Greek Goddess Of Victory. Nike markets many products such as Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike+, Air Jordan, Nike Blazers, Air Force 1, Nike Dunk, Air Max, Foamposite, Nike SB, and many more. Nike also operates many retail stores worldwide. Additionally, the company sponsors many high profile athletes and sport teams all around the world. You may also be familiar with the infamous Nike trademarks: “Just Do It” and the swoosh logo.

The Nike Air More Uptempo History

The Nike Air More Uptempo (worn by Scottie Pippen) was originally released back in 1996, created by Wilson Smith. The big “AIR” logo located on the side of each shoe was an idea that Smith took from a page from The World Of Graffiti and Pop Art. It also features an abundant cushioning and lockdown support. Back in 1996, the sneaker was showcased alongside the Air Jordan 11 (worn by Michael Jordan), and the Nike Air Shake NDestrukts (worn by Dennis Rodman). Scottie has discussed that the Nike Air More Uptempo stood out above both MJ’s and Dennis Rodman’s sneakers, calling it the “graffiti basketball shoe”. The original price for the sneaker was $140.00.

Features Of The Shoe

This shoe features the Georgetown Hoyas signature colorway. The leather upper consists of cool grey, while the classic “AIR” logo is colored in navy blue. Finally, navy blue can be seen on the outsoles, and there a few touches of white found throughout the shoe.

Release Date

Come August the 30th, these will be available for you. Retail pricing is set at $160.00. You wouldn’t want to miss out on these, especially if you are enrolled at Georgetown.

Nike Air More Uptempo Hoyas

August 30th, 2018


Additional Images

nike air more uptempo hoyas


Nike will continue to drop hot colorways for these iconic classics. Georgetown students will go nuts for these for sure. What are your overall thoughts on these upcoming shoes??? Leave your comments and questions below, and I will get back to you shortly. Make sure to like, share, and subscribe to my website as well. Stay tuned for more updates!!!

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Ahmad Ballard


  1. My son loves shoes! Nike is one of his favorites. He is used to standing in line overnight just to get the new shoes before they “supposedly” run out. I get it, I love shoes too, just not that much.
    Your article was easy to read and understand. Having the visual of the shoe, made it easy for people to see what you talking about. I liked the layout of your page. Good work! Much success and many blessings to you.

    • Hello Lanetta, thanks for the comment. I used to stand in line for the sneakers as well, but when I was unable to get a pair, I call it quits. I have decided to purchase my sneakers online for now on. Feel free to always check back with my site for more sneaker news!!

  2. Cool looking sneaker. I’m sure anyone that goes to Georgetown will love these. Also, never buy cheap sneakers. They will hurt your feet and your back.

    • Hello Will, thanks for the comment. Cheap sneakers are never the answer. Buy great shoes will excellent support. Feel free to always check back with my site for more sneaker blogs!!!

  3. Your review of Nike Air More Uptempo Hoyas looks great and stylish. If all the Georgetown students go nut for this then, it surely justifies its quality and popularity in addition to your genuine review.
    The cost price as it stands with $160 is quite reasonable as well. Come August the 30th, and I think I should be looking forward to that because I have been thinking of a new sneaker lately.

    Thanks for sharing the latest information on Nike shoes.

    Wishing you all the best of luck and success.

  4. Wow, these sneakers sure make a statement! I actually like the color scheme. It’s memorable and pretty cool but not over the top. I’ve never been one for eye-boggling footwear but I like these because they are subtle yet make a statement.

  5. This shoes are a big winner. Just the name Hoyas says it all. I have been a Hoya nut going back to Coach John Thompson II, Sleepy Floyd, Charles Smith III, Motumbo, Mourning, and Iverson. Georgetown is the citadel of Afro American basketball. They are hopefully on the rise again with new Coach Patrick Ewing, the best Hoya basketball player of all time. I would love to snag a pair in the future. Great article continue with your blog sir. Also, Pippen knows better. He knows deep down that Air Jordan 11’s will always top his signature shoes!!

    Hoyas4Life !

    • Hello Erick, thanks for the comment. With Patrick Ewing as their coach, they should get back on top very soon. I love the Nike Air More Uptempo, but they will never top the Air Jordan 11s. Feel free to always check out my site for more sneaker updates!!!

  6. Of all the listed sneakers, my eyes had gone for the stylish and dominating look and feel of Nike Air More Uptempo Hoyas.
    I have been looking for a new sneaker shoes lately, and I’m sure I go for this fancy Nike Air More Uptempo Hoyas. I learned that all the Georgetown students had nuts with this.
    I encourage every one of you to have a peep over this amazing sneaker.

    Nice review. Keep the good work.

    • Hey Phomrong, thanks for the comment. College students at Georgetown will definitely want to cop a pair of these!! I hope you come back to visit my site again soon!!

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