The Jordan 10 im Back Review- Don’t Stare, Cop A Pair!!!

im back jordan 10

Name Of Sneaker: Jordan 10 I’m Back

Best Place To Purchase: Ebay.com

Price Range: $84.99-$299.99

Available Sizes: Toddler, Preschool, Grade School, Men

We have recently seen the release of the Air Jordan 10 Cool Grey back in January. Today, I am here to announce that Jordan has released a brand new colorway of the 10s; the Jordan 10 I’m Back. This colorway is inspired by Michael Jordan’s return to the NBA after retiring from the sport to play baseball back in March of 1995. “I’M BACK” was a official statement from MJ announcing his return to the basketball sport. This white and black on the 10s is a great touch, many of you are probably planning to add this to the sneaker collection. You can make a purchase now if you wish.

The Air Jordan 10 History

The Air Jordan 10 was originally released back in 1994, created by Tinker Hatfield. This was the second pair of Jordans that has released during Michael Jordan’s professional baseball career (the first pair being the Air Jordan 8 released the previous year). Due to MJ’s departure from the NBA, everyone, including Nike, thought that the Air Jordan line was finished, but Hatfield thought differently. At first, MJ disapproved of the 10s since they featured a extra leather toe cap. MJ has talked to Hatfield about making changes to the 10s, but it was too late to do so since the first colorway (The Steel Grey) have already started hitting the shoes stores. But there was still some time to make changes for future 10 releases, and the toe cap was removed from the 10s and it had a much cleaner look to them. The Air Jordan 10 features Huarache inner sleeves, leather uppers, and a quick lacing system. MJ started to wear the 10s when he returned to the NBA. The 10s that he wore featured his number 45 on the side of the shoes. Hatfield wanted to show his appreciation for MJ accomplishments during his professional basketball career in the NBA, since everyone thought that MJ was retiring from the sport for good. On the outsole of the 10s, you will notice a list of Michael’s milestones for every year in the NBA from 1985 to 1994:

  • 1986- 63 POINTS
  • 1988- DUNK CHAMP
  • 1989- ALL DEFENSE
  • 1990- SCORES 63 POINTS
  • 1994- BEYOND

The Air Jordan 10 was originally retailed for $125.00 during it’s first release in 1994.

Video Of MJ’s Return To The NBA

Features Of The Shoe

This shoe keeps it simple and consist of a white and black colorway. The majority of the sneaker is dressed in white, while the upper of the sneaker is dressed in black. Finally, you will notice “3.18.95” and “I’M BACK” written on the heel tabs colored in red. The sneaker also have red insoles, and black Jump man logos located on the outsoles.

Release Date

This sneakers have released today, and is available for the entire family. I wouldn’t want to miss out on these if I was you, as these sneakers are paying homage to MJ return to basketball. GO AND COP A PAIR NOW!!!

Additional Images

im back jordan 10

Video Of The Sneaker

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These sneakers are currently the talk of the town. How many of you sneaker fans are going to purchase these, or have already purchase these??? What are your overall thoughts??? You can leave your comments and questions below in the comment section. I will be happy to assist all of you. Stay tuned, as The Latest Sneakers will have more sneaker blogs coming soon. Make sure to subscribe as I post daily blogs!!!

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Ahmad Ballard


  1. Wow! Ahmad. I really enjoyed your site. It was informative and I learned so many different things about Michael Jordan’s career and the Jordan 10s. I enjoyed MJ during his basketball career – he was my favorite, however, the person that enjoys his shoes is my son. So, I’m sure he’ll let me know if he wants a pair of the 10s. Thanks again for your review.

    • Hello AJ, thanks for the comment. MJ was indeed the best basketball player of all time!! I’m so in love with the classic Jordan sneakers, and I own many of them. Feel free to always check back with my site for more great content in the future!!!

  2. Hej, Ahmad!

    Thank you for this review! These sneakers look like an excellent proposition! I especially like the fact they have a simple design and are mainly white and black! I am a fan of the traditional solutions!

    By the way, what do you think is the main advantage of this shoe, apart from the lovely design and colors?

    Thank you

    • Hello Tony, thanks for the comment. I believe that the main advantage of the Air Jordan 10 is the dynamic fit. The fit of the shoe makes it great for playing basketball in. Feel free to always check back with my site for more sneaker blogs in the future!!!

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