The Air Jordan 9 Boot Olive Review- Jordans For The Winter

air jordan 9 boot olive

Name Of Sneaker: Air Jordan 9 Boot Olive

Price Range: $289.00-$399.99

Best Place To Purchase: Ebay.com

It is December, and winter is only days away and the temperatures are dropping fast!!! This is the season for boot shopping and the Air Jordan 9 Boot Olive would be nice to consider. Jordan brand has took the classic Air Jordan 9 Olive and turn it into a boot for the cold season. This boot released yesterday, and if you are interesting in these beloved transformed Jordans, you can make a purchase now.

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The Air Jordan 9 History

The Air Jordan 9 was first introduced way back in 1993. Michael Jordan was in Asia to promote for Nike while Tinker Hatfield and Nike was working on the Air Jordan 9. There are a lot of features on the sneakers that comes from Japanese Culture, in which Hatfield was very influenced by. On the back of each shoe, you will notice rising sun logos with words in different languages that best represents Michael Jordan:

Left Shoe

  • Uhuru (Swahili) – Independence
  • cbo6oAa (Russian) – Freedom
  • Cnopt (Russian) – Sport
  • Athletisch (German) – Athletic
  • Muundaji (Swahili) – Hope

Right Shoe

  • Intenso (Italian) – Intense
  • Liberte (French) – Freedom
  • Anmutig (German) – Graceful
  • Fuerza (Spanish) – Force
  • Dedie (French) – Dedicated

The Air Jordan 9 is equipped with a dynamic-fit inner bootie, encapsulated air-sole unit (forefoot), large volume air-sole unit (heel), polyurethane midsole and a “one-pull” lace system. The original retail for the sneakers was $125.00.

The Air Jordan 9 Olive Previous Release Dates

The Air Jordan 9 Olive first released back in 1993 for a retail price of $125.00. Then, nearly ten years later, it drop again on March 9th, 2002 for the same retail price. Thirdly, another ten years later, it dropped again on November 17th, 2012 for a price of $160.00.

Features Of The Shoe

This boot will consist of a leather upper, along with metal eyelets, and olive colored suede overlays. It will also feature red jumpman logos and red heel pull tabs. The boot will also be equipped with traction as well.

Release Date

These boots were released yesterday on December 6th, 2017. No boots for the winter yet? No problem. These would be perfect for you out there in the freezing cold. So go here and buy now if you wish to cop.

Additional Images

air jordan 9 boot olive


Do you plan to cop a pair or just leave them? What are your overall thoughts on these? Leave your comments and questions below in the comment section, and I will answer all questions in a timely manner. As always, stay tuned for all of future updates on the Latest Sneakers!!!

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Ahmad Ballard


  1. Thanks Ahmad, Can it serve well in dusty places?
    Am a land suveyor and am always out in the field, bushy and some times dusty, i do not feel comfortable putting on gum boots always.
    And are there smaller sizes for kids?
    My kid is so much interested in basket ball, is there a brand from the same manufacturer that you would recommend?

    • Hello Joseph, thanks for the comment. I wouldn’t recommend wearing these in the field, I highly recommend some Military boots for that type of work. Unfortunately, these are only available in men sizes, sorry. But I do recommend the Air Jordan 11 Win Like 96 sneakers that recently released. They are available in all sizes and is great for playing basketball in.

      Air Jordan 11 Win Like 96

  2. Air Jrdan made a boot!! Now that’s some innovation!!

    I haven’t really excepted this kind of a move but that’s a good marketing strategy and combining their ergonomics in an outdoor way will probably make many people happy.

    It’s a little pricey though. I would really like to get an Air Jordan 9 Olive Boot and seems like I will be collecting funds for it.

    • Hello Tyler, thanks for the comment. I totally agree with you 100% that Air Jordans are getting extremely pricey these days. Hopefully you can end up with a pair of these on your feet.

  3. These are awesome boots! I love the look and style of them, but they are a little bit pricey for me. I do, however, like the idea of putting different languages on the shoe, that is very unique and interesting. I used to collect the retro jordans back in the day, but I ended up selling them all because I never wore them and they just collected dust in the boxes. Are these waterproof and warm? They seem to be. Do you own a pair?

    • Hello Kyle, thanks for the comment. I happen to own over a 100 pairs of sneakers. These boots are built for these type of cold weather, so your feet would be okay if you ever happen to purchase a pair.

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