The Air Jordan 6 Suede Gatorade Review- A Must Cop Before 2018!!

air jordan 6 suede gatorade

Name Of Sneaker: Air Jordan 6 Suede Gatorade

Price Range: $259.90- $441.65

Best Place To Purchase: Ebay.com

The year is almost over, and there are a few more Jordan sneakers that is set to drop before the year is over. The Air Jordan 6 Suede Gatorade is set to drop tomorrow, and is releasing in limited quantities, but you can make a purchase now if these sneakers are something that you are looking for. If you can recall, back in 1991, there were “Be Like Mike” commercials, featuring former basketball player Michael Jordan. These sneakers are an inspiration of the classic Gatorade commercials. This is the Alternative of the Air Jordan 6 Like Mike, which is also available now. There are also other Gatorade colored Jordans that are also available that you may love also: The Air Jordan 1 Gatorade Cool Blue, Air Jordan 1 Gatorade Orange, Air Jordan 1 Gatorade Lime, and the Air Jordan 1 Gatorade Grape.

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The Air Jordan 6 History

The Air Jordan 6 was originally released way back in 1991. Michael Jordan has wore these during his first NBA title and won his first NBA Finals MVP. The Air Jordan 6 was the first Jordan to feature a reinforcement around the toe of the sneaker. Tinker Hatfield has designed two holes on the top of the tongue, and “spoilers” on the back of the shoes. Hatfield has done this because MJ has been having issues with putting on the past five Jordan models (Air Jordan 1-5). Like the Air Jordan 5, the Air Jordan 6 features clear rubber soles, making it the second Jordan to have this feature. The clear rubber soles on the 6 was built to be more solid, since there were complaints that kids that owned the Jordan 5 were falling because the soles would collect dust on the court, which made the sole slippery. The heel tab on the 6 was positioned to prevent it from hitting MJ’s Achilles Tendon. MJ’s number “23” was also incorporated on the sneaker as well. When the 6 first came out in 1991, it was $125.00.

Features Of The Shoe

This shoe consists of suede material and feature a green colorway, covering the majority of the sneaker. It also features touches of orange located on the midsole, lace locks, and heel tabs. Additionally, you will notice the Gatorade thunder logos in the insoles, and the saying “if I could be” located on the back of each tongue. The shoe will come in a special edition “BE LIKE MIKE” shoebox as well.

Release Date

These sneakers are set to release tomorrow, but are available now as we speak. One of the most highly anticipated sneakers of 2017, I wouldn’t recommend you pass on these. GO AND COP A PAIR NOW if you are on the search for these beloved kicks.

Additional Images

air jordan 6 suede gatorade

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Without a doubt, these will sellout the day they drop in stores. Are you planning on buying or passing??? What are your thoughts on these sneakers??? Leave your comments and question below in the comment section, and I will get back to you ASAP. Always check back with the Latest Sneakers for future updates!!!

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Ahmad Ballard


  1. Wow! I had no idea the Jordan shoes had been around that long! I like the layout and the pics. Also a very thorough description of the features. These should sell out FAST!

    • Hello Frank, thanks for the comment. These are very limited, and are selling fast!!! Feel free to always check back with the latest sneakers for future updates!!!

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