The Air Jordan 6 Like Mike Release Is Approaching!!!

air jordan 6 like mike

I hope you sneakerheads are prepared for the release of the Air Jordan 6 Like Mike. We have been waiting since the summertime for these highly anticipated kicks to drop, and it is almost about that time. I suggest you mark your calendars now, these will instantly sell out!!! If you can recall, back in 1991, there were “Be Like Mike” commercials, featuring former basketball player Michael Jordan. These sneakers are an inspiration of the classic Gatorade commercials.

The Air Jordan 6 History

The Air Jordan 6 was originally released way back in 1991. Michael Jordan has wore these during his first NBA title and won his first NBA Finals MVP. The Air Jordan 6 was the first Jordan to feature a reinforcement around the toe of the sneaker. Tinker Hatfield has designed two holes on the top of the tongue, and “spoilers” on the back of the shoes. Hatfield has done this because MJ has been having issues with putting on the past five Jordan models (Air Jordan 1-5). Like the Air Jordan 5, the Air Jordan 6 features clear rubber soles, making it the second Jordan to have this feature. The clear rubber soles on the 6 was built to be more solid, since there were complaints that kids that owned the Jordan 5 were falling because the soles would collect dust on the court, which made the sole slippery. The heel tab on the 6 was positioned to prevent it from hitting MJ’s Achilles Tendon. MJ’s number “23” was also incorporated on the sneaker as well. When the 6 first came out in 1991, it was $125.00.

Features Of The Shoes

This sneaker has a huge resemblance of the Air Jordan 6 Carmine that released back in May of 2014. It consists of a team orange nubuck base with white leather overlays, It also features Gatorade lack locks, along with green jumpman logos located on the shroud center. Additionally, you will notice the Gatorade thunder logos in the insoles, and the saying “if I could be” located on the back of each tongue.

Release Date

This highly anticipated sneaker is set to release December 16th, 2017, for a retail price of $190.00. Are these on your Christmas list??? If so, don’t bs and secure a pair!!!

air jordan 6 like mike


Honestly, you would be crazy not to want these!!! What are your thoughts and opinions on these??? If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment section and I will be more than happy to assist you. Stay tuned for future updates!!!

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Ahmad Ballard


  1. They look totally rad! I also like the support they have and could imagine using them for weight training as well since I do like the extra support it gives my feet and ankles while lifting weights.

    • Hello David, thanks for the comment. These sneakers would be perfect for you, since you will need the extra feet and ankle support. Feel free to always check with me as I will always keep my website updated on the latest sneaker news!!!

  2. Hi
    Wonder how much these will be in the UK ? $190 works out to be around £140 but I bet they will be more expensive then that ? they always seem to be here in the UK !
    But they do look good.

    • Hello Paul, thanks for the comment. These sneakers will definitely release in the UK as well. Normally, Jordans will be more expensive online than in the actual retail store. Feel free to always check back on The Latest Sneakers for upcoming sneaker info, Thanks!!!

  3. Hey what’s up ahmed

    I remember when those first came out! I was in jr. high and the song poison was a hit!

    A friend of mine had a pair and he used to put them in bags before placing them in the locker at gym

    Jordan wore the all black ones for the playoffs and i distinctively remember thinking those were some really nice shoes. then they were featured on space jam and everyone went crazy!

    i guess because bugs was sporting a pair! he did make them look cool.

    my feet are too big so i know they’ll run out of my size quick! sneaker heads everywhere are happy i know!

    • Hello Shannon, thanks for the comment. I happen to own all of the original Air Jordan 6s that released back in 1991 (Carmine, Black Infrared, White Infrared, and Maroon Colorways. I just don’t own the Sport Blue Colorway unfortunately). The Jordans that were featured in the 1996 film Space Jam that MJ wore to play against the Monstars are own as the Space Jam 11s. They didn’t release to the public until 2000. What size do you wear? I think I can help you find a pair of nice shoes for you to sport.

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